Just add a pinch of salt

It was our first salt session in a long time. I had been once, maybe twice before. I remember it was when Ted was little and suffered from recurring bronchiolitis in his first year. Our friends had some great success with salt therapy, particularly with keeping all the childcare bugs at bay. We were very open to trying it out.

Around this time, we ended up moving away. We did not continue for this reason, I researched other places who offered salt therapy closer to our new place, but for whatever reason, we just never went. Perhaps it did not have the same feel?

Fast forward until now July 2020. Cold & Flu season with 2 children who go to day-care, with both parents being self-employed, so obviously no sick leave there, we thought why not try salt and this time consistently.

Our first session we were greeted by Sonya at Buoyant Sea…we were late as always, do your kids always need a nappy change right when you are walking out the door or is that just me? We had a few checks to pass to ensure there was no risk of coronavirus in these current uncertain times. It does help you feel safer going places when these checks are in place. The hygiene and extra cleaning in place at Buoyant Sea was great!

We were shown to our salt room, and Ted was ecstatic since its basically his dream to be surrounded by salt and be able to use tip trucks to play with it. Kenzie was a little different, and was putting her sensory skills to good use, which of course includes tasting the salt! But after she realised that was not the best idea, she settled and enjoyed playing in it too.

Our first week post session was interesting, Kenzie slept through the night for the first time, but we also did come down unwell, which I am assuming passed more quickly thanks to the salt. I guess we will find out about the sleep as the sessions continue.

Time for our second appointment and guess what? We got there on time, and we were far more prepared, I was able to relax a lot more. Less salt was consumed by Kenzie. Coming off being sick, I was stoked our symptoms were gone and we were able to attend our session. The salt session the previous week helped us out with that. I always find that the salt gets my nose running and things moving which helps remove the bug from our systems.

After 3 weeks of salt, our sessions were halted thanks to an increased lock down returning in Victoria. However, I was very impressed with the results we observed. Both children were sleeping better, both had less sniffles, or when they had them, they got over them quite quickly.

There are a number of benefits to salt therapy, this is because it has been found that dry salt air is more powerful than moist air. The negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood. Inhaling 99% pure salt particles may reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, which can be amazing for conditions like asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinus issues. Going to a salt room is basically that feeling of refreshment you get after the beach, but so much more because the salt in the room is much more concentrated, plus you can do it all year round!

If you are wanting to give salt therapy a go, head over to @buoyantsea_warragul on Instagram and book your first sessions.

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