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10 things I learnt when I started drinking the right amount of water

As busy mums it is so easy to lose track of time, we forget to eat, and we often forget to drink water. Or maybe we do not forget after all? We just do not know how to fit the additional 15 toilet trips into our already jam-packed days.

To function at our very best, all our body cells and organs need water.

Here are the things I found when I started “taking note” of how much water I was drinking and aimed for the 3-4L I require for my body size and activity level.

  1. More Energy

Many of the vitamins and minerals our body required for optimum function are water soluble. Meaning they require water to travel around our body to get to our cells. More water available to do this meant I was feeling far less tired. Even when my baby decided that 2am was party time.

  1. Less Hungry

So often we are dehydrated, and our body can be confused, and the signal we get is to eat something. However, when I am drinking the right amount of water, I snack less, and I am far less hungry after 7pm!

  1. Waste elimination

Our digestive system needs water to work at its best! Too little water can lead to constipation. Let’s just say things started moving more frequently and were a lot more comfortable.

  1. Urinary Tract Infections

I have always been more prone to these than the average person. However, when I changed my lifestyle 5 years ago and started drinking water for the first time in my life rather than in cordial form, these nearly all but disappeared! I would previously have 5-6 per year! I have had 1 in the last 5 years! Water helps eliminate toxins and helps clears bugs from entering. The more frequent we pee the actual less likely any foreign bugs can enter our body.

  1. Blood pressure lowers

This is because more water in the blood, makes it thinner and much easier for our body to pump around, also leading to lower heart rates.

  1. Better Exercise Performance

My running is always better if I am adequately hydrated before I start!

  1. Weight loss

It comes back to feeling less hungry, which means when I am listening to my body, I intuitively eat less food, hence creating a calorie deficit. Also, when we are getting enough water, our body is less likely to retain water for “a time it may need it”. You see if we do not give the body enough water on a regular basis it will go into survival mode.

  1. Less brain fog

Dehydration can affect our brains, when we are dehydrated, we often find it hard to think clearly or make decisions.

  1. Milk Supply

As a breastfeeding mother, the increase in milk supply is noticeable when I am getting the right amount of water. It makes sense, since so much of breast milk is simply water! How can I tell? I pump 2 days per week while my breastfed baby is cared for elsewhere.

  1. Clearer skin

I have always been lucky in this regard and have generally clear skin, but there is a definite glow by getting the right amount of water.

Current recommendations are for adults to drink 30-35ml of water per 1kg of bodyweight. This level will need to be increased for highly active individuals either in their work, or in exercise, or if you live in a warmer climate (you lucky thing). The best way to know? Monitor the colour of your pee. You are aiming for pale straw in colour, there are plenty of charts available on the internet if you want to check these out and pop on the back of your toilet door.

Happy drinking!

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