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Hey Mama!

I know you’re busy. You’re raising your family, taking care of your household, and running the kids around. But something’s missing. The spark and zest you had for life has been replaced by exhaustion. You can feel it, can’t you?

You’re giving everything to everyone – but you always find yourself last on the priority list.

And while we both know you’re really exceptional, you probably wish you FELT exceptional too, right?

First comes the fatigue, the stress and anxiety, and the poor gut health. Before too long, your nails begin to feel brittle, you have pimples the size of small mountains, and you’ve begun to notice the signs of weight increase. And let’s not even talk about the incessant sugar cravings!

You spend your waking hours helping everyone else, but who is looking after you?

I get it. Once upon a time I was standing exactly where you are now, wondering how I could find time for myself to exercise, to reduce my stress, and to eat real food (and not just the leftover toast from the breakfast table)!

I used to daydream about waking up feeling full of energy, slipping on my favourite pair of jeans which fit just right, and going about my day feeling calm, organised, and happy as I watched my kids play and laugh.

My name’s Stacey, and I believe in tackling nutrition a little differently. Instead of giving you a cookie cutter meal plan which you won’t follow (despite your best of intentions); I take a real, holistic look into your lifestyle, stressors, and habits, and I hold your hand and guide you through the process of improving your health and banishing the guilt you feel for taking care of you.

If you are ready to feel exceptional, Know Your Nutrition is here for you.

What I Offer

  • Greater energy and better sleep
  • More time to focus on what you love
  • Balanced hormones and healthier digestion
  • Less stress and illness
  • A healthy routine to help you feel balanced and in control
  • Energy to run around after the kids
  • Long lasting results and healthy habits
  • A body you love
  • The spark and zest for life again

Featured Program: Exceptional YOU

  • 1 x 60 minute introductory coaching session with Stacey
  • 11 x 45 minute weekly coaching sessions with Stacey
  • Information regarding your macronutrient breakdown, what to eat, what to avoid, and some simple lifestyle changes that you can implement with the help and support of Stacey
  • Recommendations are tailored to you and your goals
  • 3 x 4 week personalised meal plans
  • A Know Your Nutrition eBook
  • Living Tox Free eBook
  • Reading Food Labels eBook
  • Weekly accountability and check ins
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